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Copyright & Disclaimer

The information on this site has been made available to assist people in providing access to information about the activities of the Victorian Universities Regional Research Network (VURRN). All information has been provided in good faith. 

VURRN accepts no liability for any content on this site or any links on this site to any other site, or the Internet. 

VURRN and site authors will not accept responsibility for the results of any actions taken as a result of any information provided on this web site, nor for any errors or omissions on this web site. Some of the information on this site may be inaccurate or out of date. 

VURRN and the authors of this site do not offer professional advice, and the existence of this web site in no way implies that VURRN or site authors offer professional advice.

All links to other web sites are provided on an information only basis. VURRN and site authors accept no responsibility for the content of those links and the placement of links to other sites does not represent endorsement of any material on those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service. This site is copyright Victorian Universities Regional Research Network   2003.

Web Privacy Statement
The Victorian Universities Regional Research Network (VURRN) is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information which you (the Visitor) might supply to us at this site (Visitor Data). When you access this site and submit any Visitor Data to us, your submission is an acknowledgment of and agreement with the terms of this statement and to the use of that Visitor Data by VURRN.

Any Visitor Data of a personal or sensitive nature that is collected from this site by VURRN will only be used as necessary for the business to be transacted between us and for the purposes of providing our Visitors and Members with better services and products. It will not be disclosed to anyone else unless we are required by law to disclose it or you tell us we can or should.

Emailed responses and additional or new information regarding the products and services of VURRN may be accessed on this site based on information we have collected from our Visitors. Much of the information can be collected automatically when a Visitor hits this site. We also provide an info button for you to send us information about the site or our products and services or concerns about the privacy of information. That button is marked "contact" on the top of the home page. 

VURRN access to the Visitor Data is limited to authorised persons - employees and in some cases contractors and consultants who are all bound by contractual obligation to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of that Data.

Where there is a password or key provided to you to access this site or any secure part of it, then it is important to keep that password or key secret like an ATM PIN. Visitor Data held by us is kept in a separate secure location not accessible from the Internet.

We may, in the ordinary course of our own business, use Visitor Data to direct market our products and services. You should indicate in your email if you prefer not to receive that marketing material in this manner.

If any of the personal information which you submit to us changes or becomes inaccurate, we ask that you notify us of the changes through the contact button, so that we can take steps to correct the data we hold. Unless you tell us, we cannot be responsible for inaccurate or out of date information. 

VURRN is continually assessing and updating its systems to ensure the security of information on the Web site as well as that retained on our independent systems. All reasonable efforts are made to provide an acceptable level of confidence that Visitor Data cannot be used by unauthorised persons or in a manner likely to affect the reputation or standing of Visitors.

The sort of information we hold and collect from the Visitor Data and which might include personal information is:

  • your organisation's legal name
  • your business and trading names
  • the name and title of the individual who represents your organisation or access the Web site on your behalf
  • the email address of that individual and the organisation
  • the website address and the domain type of your organisation
  • the telephone facsimile postal and street addresses of the organisation
  • information disclosed about your organisation in the enquiry or message submitted in the Visitor Data, including information we might be able to infer from the context such as sectoral, employment, turnover, geographical, and size issues the subject matter of the enquiry or message. Much of what is collected and stored is for our own use only to evaluate the effectiveness of our Website and the services and products we post on that site. We use the information to improve the site content or navigation.

Other information might be used by us to enable us to be proactive in assisting you in matters that either you or we have identified as relevant to your organisation and in particular, we may contact you to assist you in navigation of the Internet itself or location of like organisations suppliers or others with whom you may deal. We may also use the information to contact you and alert you to regulatory or compliance matters that might affect you. Or we simply use the information to contact you to obtain your consent or authority to use the Visitor Data in a particular way not mentioned here.

Subject to the rights of other Visitors and persons whose information may be collected and aggregated with yours, you may request and we will disclose to you details of your personal information in the Visitor Data that we hold at any time. Given our commitment to your privacy, we can request verification from you and evidence to support such a request to ensure that the person who so requests that information is the person entitled at law to receive it.

Most importantly, your Visitor Data will not be given to any third party by us, unless it is specifically required by law (law enforcement rights or where there is a threat to someone's safety involved are the usual cases) or where full details have been given to you and you have provided us with your approval or consent.

You should be aware that our website from time to time will contain links to other sites and those sites may have different privacy provisions. VURRN is not responsible for those sites or for any consequences of you accessing them through our Website.

You may at any time request VURRN to delete all Visitor Data held by us in relation to your organisation and we will take all reasonable steps to action that request promptly. However, there may be technical or other constraints to completely destroying all details of your visit and the information contained in your Visitor Data, as well as legal and statutory duties and responsibilities imposed on us that might also prevent us from destroying or removing from our records all such information.

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